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Ever wonder how you can create websites that allow for real-time 3D interaction and use features from platforms like awwwards. These websites offer a more immersive experience than traditional websites and attract a larger audience due to their unique visuals. I was interested in finding out why this amazing technology wasn’t known by so many people, even within the tech industry.Some amazing web experiences made using Three.js

Because of my fascination with interactive 3D Experiences I’ve always been interested in fields such as Game Design, Mixed Reality and 3D Animation. A few months ago, I discovered that there is a language called “Three.js” that can be used to create immersive 3D experiences on the internet. To continue my exploration of different 3D fields, Three.js was my next step.

Three.js, a Javascript library that is WebGL-based, allows you to create 3D web experiences far more quickly than native WebGL. You must be wondering what WebGL is now. WebGL is a JavaScript API that renders interactive 2D and 3-D graphics in any compatible web browser. It does not require plug-ins. WebGL allows us to create 3D experiences, even though it can be difficult to master. The process of creating 3D websites is made easier by Three.js.

PS: To make a cube turn in native WebGL, you would need hundreds upon lines of code! If you want to create 3D websites, I recommend Three.js.

Three.js has a large community, and the best documentation. This makes learning a lot easier than it initially seems. You don’t have to believe me. Explore its website. It will introduce you to great projects using three.js as well as tutorials for getting started on your first project.

Three.js – JavaScript 3D library

How Three.js got me started

Programming has never been something I enjoy. Although I come from a background in computer science, I don’t enjoy programming. That is why I began exploring design a few decades ago. Three.js programming is a completely different experience! It is much more enjoyable and exciting to see the results of your efforts, which I felt was lacking in conventional programming.

My learning journey began with an online course called “Three.js Journey” by Bruno Simon. Bruno, a French developer, simplifies complex concepts and effortlessly presents them. Bruno is a pioneer in this field, and I have the greatest respect for his contributions to the community. Take a look at his portfolio, and tell me if you don’t think it is one of the most innovative websites you have ever seen.

Bruno Simon – Creative developer

Creative developer living in Paris, freelancer, former lead developer at Immersive Garden, former developer at Uzik and…

So far, my experience…

Although I haven’t completed the course yet, it has exceeded my expectations. It is extremely well-structured and comprehensive. I think it is the best course to learn Three.js and build amazing 3D experiences. Even though the lessons are excellent, you won’t be able to master Three.js just by watching them. It would take a lot of time to practice the concepts and explore documentation.

My journey has only taken me to a handful of small 3D experiences. Small projects are the best way to learn a new skill. These projects are a great way for you to learn new concepts and create tangible work that you can share with the rest. My projects are all from the course, but I’ve always tried to add unique elements or reflect my creative style.The projects I have created so far…

Himanshu Aneja on LinkedIn: #threejs #webdesign #3danimation

It’s amazing how Three.js can create Web Experiences. You read that correctly! This is not a 3D rendering, but a website.


That’s it! Three.js is not something most people are familiar with. I wanted to share this story to help them discover the amazing possibilities it offers. If you’re intrigued by the information in this article, then you can start creating your first project. A rotating cube is enough. ). Refer to the documentation I have shared previously or browse hundreds of tutorials on youtube for help in setting up your first file.

If you feel too inspired to pursue a career in 3D web development, I recommend Bruno’s course. It is the best Three.js course on the internet.

Three.js Journey: Learn WebGL with Three.js

You will have lifetime access to Three.js Journey, a comprehensive and easy-to-access course that includes 36 lessons. You can…

You can learn three.js basics or create one of my projects. Let me know and I will be happy to share my knowledge and show you how to create one.