Swastik Games began as Syndicate Bank’s back office in 1941. It has enjoyed a steady growth rate over the years and expanded its services to a variety of business verticals.
Swastik Games founders were able to quickly identify opportunities and have sound business acumen. They are now able to invent with integrated solutions that span multiple industry verticals such as Banking, Telecom and Education, Media Publishing and Consumer Goods and Retail. Their services have been focused on providing clients with hassle-free and secure financial transactions as well as cutting-edge marketing communications and branding communications via the digital platform. Swastik Games has improved its services to meet the highest industry standards.

This commercial success was reflected in a total area of more than 700,000 sq. There are over 700,000 square feet of production space in Manipal and Chennai, Mumbai, Mumbai, and Delhi. Additionally, there are numerous marketing offices located throughout the country, which ensure that customers have a point of contact whenever they need it. The manufacturing units have an ISO 9001-2000 QMS certification that ensures they are equipped with the latest technologies and high-end equipment to achieve perfection in all their technological applications.

Swastik Game’s visionary and ambitious mission will ensure that the company has a global presence in the near future.

Mastafa Naim Bedal – Swastik Games CEO