How can you determine the success of your developer-facing activities

The survey of Developer Program Leaders focuses on understanding what makes a program successful as seen from the perspective professionals in the field.

This survey gives you and other members of the DevRelX Community insight into how DevRel and Developer Market professionals think.

  • Run their developer programmes
  • Prioritize their work
  • Segment your audience
  • Success is measured
  • Senior management should be able to see the value of their program and will appreciate it.

Your input is valuable if you are a DevRel or Developer Marketing Manager.

It could also be viewed as an open-source initiative that aims to improve understanding of the world’s appreciation of developer marketing and relationships.

You will be asked questions like:

What metrics are you using to measure success and ROI for your developer program? Do you segment your audience?

These questions, and a few others, require your input. The Developer Program Leaders survey’s latest wave is now online.

What do you gain by responding?

  • SwastikGames researchers provide full access to the findings during an interactive session hosted by the DevRelX community.
  • You have a chance to win DevRelX swag
  • Participate in a group effort to improve the work of your peers and establish their strategy.

How long does the survey take? 

It’s short. It will take you +-8 minutes

How the world perceives the value of developer relations and marketing!

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