Netspeak Games raises $12 Million to launch Sunshine Days

Netspeak’s $12 million raise will be used to expand its team and develop its Early Access game, Sunshine Days.

Netspeak Games, a mobile developer, has raised $12 million in order to grow its team and finance its first game Sunshine Days. It is an online simulation of a village that encourages creativity and online multiplayer.

Netspeak is currently funded by Project A and Lakestar, along with other participants like Catherine Chew (publisher Kepler Interactive) and game developer Catherine Chew (Sifu publisher). Kepler raised $120 Million last year. This money has been used to add more studios.

Sunshine Days is a cross-platform iOS and Android game. Its art style might remind you of Animal Crossing. The game is in Early Access since 2021.

Netspeak, a UK-based company, was established in 2019. Its staff have previously worked for big companies like Sony, Rockstar and Sega Europe. Callum Brighting, CEO of Netspeak, told GamesBeat the company wants to learn from larger studios in order to have a healthy culture that will reflect its games.

Brighting stated, “At Netspeak we strive to get beyond our industry’s obsessions with the latest technology or trend and create games that truly reflect the potential of the medium.” We are now a top-tier team, backed by industry leaders investors, because we have been supportive, kind, and continue to put our studio culture first.

Numerous independent studios have discussed the importance of health and positive collaboration in their mission statements. Sprocket Games, a newly created studio, announced last week that it will offer top-quality healthcare coverage for transgender and non-binary employees.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Jeff Gardiner (founder of Something Wicked Games, former producer on 76), about creating a positive work environment.

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