Roblox aims at game cloning with a new developer update

Roblox Corp. has released new tools for developers using the Roblox platform. One of them is a new feature that aims to stop exploitative cloning.

Roblox Corp. will host the Roblox Developers Conference on Saturday. They also plan to roll out a major update for the Roblox platform. These updates include a variety of new tools for developers as well as infrastructure improvements that address issues such game cloning or age-appropriate experiences.

Game cloning is a topic that’s familiar to non Roblox game developer, especially in the mobile gaming world. It’s been a sticking point in Roblox for creators looking to achieve success on the platform.

Even if someone manages to create a fun experience that is at the top of Roblox‘s discovery lists, fast-moving clone makers will often reverse that success by creating a newer, better version.

The Roblox backend will now host a “preventative Cloning” feature that directly targets stolen or copied source codes. SwastikGames was informed by Dan Sturman, chief technology officer at Roblox Corp., that the tool was used to remove over 40,000 games from Roblox within the past few months.

Sturman stated that traffic is directed to the right creator and not to a copycat.

Roblox soon will have experience guidelines

Roblox Corp. was also subject to public scrutiny over children’s interactions on the Roblox platform. Although today’s update does not address all those concerns (the nuances surrounding young people doing in-game currency Robux development work aren’t addressed), it addresses concerns about how easy it is for young players to access inappropriate Roblox experiences.

These concerns have been addressed by a new feature called “experience guidance”, a pseudo-rating system that is used in the world of Roblox creations. This feature will break down experience guidelines into three categories: All Ages (Ages 9+), Ages 13+ (Ages 13+), and Ages (10+). A description of the content will be included in any games that have an experience guideline rating.

You might be surprised that there is not an 18+ rating. This is because Roblox does not tolerate adult content. These experiences are often documented in practice.

It is also worth considering how effective an experience guideline system can be in preventing minors accessing inappropriate content. Online games have a long history that includes the shocking revelation that an actual child is chatting with you in voice chat.

Facing the odd

Developers working on Roblox will find other useful tools in today’s Roblox updates. First, the game will roll out a new facial animation tool. This will allow creators to create and sell unique facial expressions for Roblox avatars.

The new “Self View” system allows players to project real-world expressions onto Roblox avatars by using image capture.

Roblox Corp. claims that the system will eventually allow players to communicate in voice with one another, where avatars can match real-world facial expressions.

Developers can create animations lasting up to 60 seconds using this system.

This is the most recent update and it’s the one that’s most likely to cash in on Roblox vision of ” immersive CO-experiences” (the alternative branding for the term’metaverse’).

This tech is most useful in recreating animated Vtubers on Twitch or YouTube.

It will be interesting to see whether this new cosmetic feature and some improvements to Roblox’s user-generated material marketplace will give a boost to in-game spending which has been falling in the past few financial quarters.

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