Software Testing is a Game Changer for Gaming Apps

The world’s largest gaming market, worth more than $150 billion, is set to continue growing at 12.7% CAGR over the next seven-year period.

The global gaming community has more than 2 billion members.

These numbers show the importance of a well-functioning, seamless, and interactive game. The game developers have a lot of customers to serve and there is very little room for error.

Game developers use programming and creativity to build a game. However, when it comes time to test those games

However, it is not a good idea to release a bug-infested video game as it would only draw a lot of backlash from gamers.

There are many games today, including video games and simulation & role-playing, strategy, and puzzle games.

Gaming applications no longer exist only for consoles. The dominance of smartphones means that mobile gaming revenue is expected to reach $76.7 billion by year’s end. A variety of multiplayer online games are available, as well as mobile- and console-based games.

With so many game types and devices available, a poor approach to testing them could prove fatal for game developers .

Game Testing It is crucial for game developers to stand out among their peers and beat their competitors.

Game testing: What and How

Game testing is an important part of game development. It involves the thorough testing of software to make sure that it meets all quality standards before release.

Game testing involves playing each scenario multiple times in all possible combinations and permutations by testers. The goal is to find and fix bugs and break the game. Game testing is an important component of determining the success of a new game after release.

Because of the technical and creative complexity of modern games, testing should begin as soon as possible. For a timely release, it is necessary to use a DevOps-driven continuous test method that aligns with an automated CI/CD process.

Game releases are often subject to very strict deadlines. Additionally, game testing is an extremely time-consuming and tedious process.

Game testers provide detailed feedback and test plans. They also give step-by-step instructions for developers on how to reproduce the bugs.

Game testers usually use a defect tracking system to report bugs to developers. The developers will need to review the report and fix the bugs before sending them back to the testers. The verification stage is where testers confirm that the bug has been fixed successfully.

Common challenges in game testing

Gaming is fiercely competitive. Because of the wide variety in games and devices available, it can be very challenging to test your game. These are some of the most common problems encountered in game testing:

  • Random testing of the game
  • User role-based Testing with hundreds of combinations
  • Test each game on multiple platforms and handsets for compatibility
  • Network connectivity, latency and frame rate issues while testing
  • Optimizing RAM usage and consumption
  • The GUI-level testing of a game

End-to-End testing of a leader in game-based learning apps provider

The Challenges faced by A leader in game-based learning apps that teach literacy and language skills to students from pre-K through 6th grade was facing the following issues:

  • There is no standard topology for clients and servers set
  • Monitoring network devices such as switches and access points is not possible.
  • Inconsistently unavailable media server at customer locations
  • Observing the frozen behavior of an application at customer locations
  • Customers who use legacy devices with older applications
  • Insufficient information about the devices, client applications versions and network bandwidth usage at customer locations

The company needed game testing urgently and approached SwastikGames for:

  • A Proof of Concept on Testing Applications in Low-Performing Networks at Their Partner and Customer School Networks
  • End to end testing in their network in order to replicate multiple customer environments with all devices used in field
  • Client Status & Compatibility Matrix Testing the application on multiple devices

The extensive game testing of the client’s application enabled them to quickly resolve all their problems and enjoy high customer satisfaction. You can read the entire success story here.

We can help you create flawless games

SwastikGames testers are experts in all aspects of the gaming ecosystem, including consoles, mobile devices, tablets and phablets. Our game testers develop detailed testing strategies that incorporate industry standards such as Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, (BREW) into our process and test strategies.

Our clients have seen significant time savings and have enjoyed a positive gaming experience.

Our game testers are SMEs who have relevant experience in multiple gaming platforms, key areas of sports betting testing, and in performing game-specific test.

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