Unity Pro and Enterprise plans will be more expensive

Unity subscribers will see an increase in prices starting October for the three subscription services.

Unity, the engine maker, has revealed that it will be raising prices on its Unity Pro, Enterprise and Industrial Collection subscriptions. Unity explained that price changes will reflect the current value of its products in its FAQ.

Unity Pro’s monthly pricing starts October 13 at $185/mo. Annual pricing is now at $2,000.40/yr. Enterprise will pay $3,000/year, while Industrial Collection will cost $2,950/year.

Unity Pro currently costs $1,800/yr or $150/mo, and Industrial Collection is $2,000. Enterprise’s pricing structure is being restructured so it’s difficult to compare the changes. SwastikGames was informed by a Unity spokesperson that the price will rise $600 to $2,400/year if you convert the old pricing model.

Each plan will be able to access Havok Physics Pro and additional support packages for Enterprise and Industrial Collection.

Unity also stated that Unity’s Personal and Plus plans will not be affected by the price hike.

Unity had an exciting 2022

Unity’s price hike follows a series of controversial decisions made by the engine manufacturer during the summer. After CEO John Riccitello had previously stated that no layoffs were planned, Unity began to fire hundreds employees in June.

Unity also merged with IronSource in July. This move has left customers and game developers feeling that the company is now focusing more on profit while leaving the rest of the world behind.

The company also won a multi-year contract to create simulation programs for the US government.

Unity called the deal “exciting”, but employees weren’t as enthusiastic. Since 2021, many employees have tried to get more transparency and information from Unity about its practices as well as the expansion of the US military.

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