Who uses low-code/no-code tools?

This is a chapter from our latest Mendix’s State of Low-Code report shows that IT professionals in China are most likely to say low-code is something their organization can’t afford to ignore (84%, compared to 72% worldwide). A large portion of LCNC’s growth is likely to be due to non-developer audiences . As in all regions, LCNC tools are used by a majority of the Greater China area’s bona fide developers for less than half their development work. It is not clear if their reliance upon such tools will increase as the market matures.

19% of North American developers use Low-Code/No Code tools for more that half of their coding work, almost double the global average of 10%

North America is the country with the second highest LCNC tool use rate. It also stands out in terms of the percentage of developers who use LCNC tools for more than half their development work. 19% of North American developers report that LCNC tools are more popular than manual coding. This includes 13% of those using them for between half and three-quarters and 6% of those using them for more then three quarters. This is almost twice the global average of 10%. North America is at the forefront in the LCNC movement. This provides strong evidence that these tools can replace traditional development methods – even though 81% of developers are professionals.

The global average for LCNC tool use is higher than the average for South Asia, Africa, and East Asia excluding Greater China. Despite significant uptake, LCNC tools have not reached a point where they are a dominant feature in developers’ workflows. In terms of LCNC tool use, regions such as South America, Israel, Oceania and Eastern Europe are all below the global average.

These regions have a lower than average use of LCNC tools, which is primarily due to the fact that they do not use them for over 25% of their development work. They are used for less than 25% of their work, which is comparable to the global average. This suggests that the market is still in its infancy in these regions. Developers are still evaluating the tools and are not relying on them for a significant portion of their work.

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